Bliplace is a wearable, hackable, sound-activated blinky light toy. It uses a small microcontroller and a mix of hardware and software feedback to automatically synchronize with and adapt to the sounds around it - it should pulse along with the ambient noises around you no matter if you're in a quiet park or a thunderously loud concert.

Bliplace uses ubiquitous CR2032 coin-cell batteries, which should be available virtually anywhere. The average power draw of Bliplace is well under 2 milliamps - a single battery should power it for around 150 hours, or a week of continuous use.

The Bliplace design is open-source, and all code and design documents are freely available via this web page. :)

That's Bliplace 1.0 on the left, and the new improved Bliplace 1.1 on the right.

Source Code

This source code is released under the MIT License



bliplace.brd bliplace.sch

Documentation & Assembly Instructions


Where can I buy a Bliplace?

To be honest, I've been so busy with other projects that I haven't tackled trying to sell them en masse via the Internet, so there are just a few ways to get one -

1. They're usually available in the vending machine at Metrix CreateSpace in Seattle.

2. You can email me at tanjent (att) gmail (dott) com, and I'll let you know if I have any available.

Kits are $10 a piece either way.

Kits are sold out. I had 1000 boards made, gave away ~450 of them at various events, kept a few for myself, and sold the rest.

My friend Mark has cloned my design and has kits for sale on Etsy - Go buy 'em. :)